After School Enrichment Club


After School Program

The After School Enrichment Club helps prepare each child to succeed in life through the balance of physical and mental exertion. Participants enjoy weekly sport classes designed to improve their overall development. All of our activities are age appropriate, challenging, and have achievable goals so that success becomes a way of life.

The After School Enrichment Club meets for 1 hour a day once a week during the school year.

Blue Box Sports is an approved independent contractor for Fairfax County Public Schools.  This club will serve as an added benefit to each school, as it will help generate additional revenue for Booster Clubs, PTA’s, and PTO’s, while each child has a rewarding day burning some energy and playing sports they enjoy.  Our professionally trained coaches will arrive on-site to hold classes either on either an outdoor field or in the gymnasium.  Blue Box Sports coaches have passed all the necessary background checks and would supply all of the equipment necessary for the after school club.

To have the Blue Box Sports After School Enrichment Club at your school, give us a call at 703-953-1667 TODAY!