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Basketball BoxyWe’ll have a ball on the court. This development program helps introduce children to the game of basketball. The program teaches basketball skills in a fun and loosely structured environment. The success of this program is due to our coaches and parents (when needed). The curriculum focuses on ball handling/dribbling, shooting, passing, agility, and footwork skills through different activities during each weeks 45 minute class.

As children progress through the each course, they will be introduced to more advanced basketball activities and game situations.

Our non-competitive philosophy builds confidence without the pressure of winning. Tough topics for kids like sharing, teamwork, and listening skills are critical components to the program.

Blue Box Sports provides all of the equipment. The only thing we recommend bringing is juice or water. Have your kids wear comfortable clothes and sneakers, or anything they are comfortable running around in! They do not need any special clothing or equipment.

Blue Box Sports offers a 20% discount for siblings and/or multiple sport registrations. Discounts will be applied through online or over the phone registrations.

Basketball ShootingClass Description:

Rookies: 26 to 36 months old. This is a parent participation class that serves as an introduction to the game of basketball. Easy games and activities are used and focus on basic basketball skills as well as agility and coordination.

Pros: 3 to Under 4 years old. This is our youngest non-parent participation class. It is similar to the Rookies program in Basketball Dribblingdevelopment of basketball skills while focusing on teamwork, sharing, and listening. Limited parent involvement may be required.

All-Stars: 4 to Under 5 years old. The development of skills continue in the fun program. The introduction to proper shooting form and passing technique occur and are emphasized each class.

Legends: 5 & 6 year olds. Our oldest age group. In this class we build on the skills learned in our younger age groups through different activities. Controlled small sided games are introduced with limited emphasis on competition. Basketball game situations are also introduced later in the program.

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